​Sea Freight

Efficient transport solution: large load volumes bridge great distances via sea freight. 

​Road Freight

In modern economies, 85% of road freight tonnage is carried over distances of 150 km or less, for which there is no economically viable alternative, and less than 1% is carried over 1,000 km.

​Rail Freight

We try to make rail transport safer and more competitive; we have a strong interest in minimizing climate change and  reduction of environmental effects by delivering highly attractive customer services, thereby creating a strong pull effect of its customers  to opt for rail transportation. 

​Hazardous Cargo

We ensure that the rules and guidelines on dangerous goods transportation are effectively, precisely and efficiently followed. 

​Vessel Chartering

Being involved in all aspects of shipping and road/rail transport we are also heavily engaged in vessel chartering for various types of cargoes.

​Customs Management

Customs Management lets us automate many steps in our global trade management and transportation processes.


Keeps your project firmly on schedule by ensuring that your suppliers meet their contractual obligations and deliver on time.

Terminal Services and Warehousing

Our terminals are located in Vale (South-West Georgia, Georgia-Turkey border) and Poti (next to Black Sea Poti Port, Georgia). With our interim storage and efficient reloading capabilities, we are able to gather incoming consignments by train or lorry and efficiently forward them onwards. The terminals can also act as a customs warehouse.  Our storage and terminal services are always tailored to our customers' specific needs.