CSR Policy and Code of Conduct

AG Terminals System
Corporate Social Responsibility policy
To meet the expectations of our stakeholders, including employees, partners, customers, shareholders, suppliers and all related communities in our business ecosystem, AGTS has made corporate social responsibility (CSR) an integral part of our business strategy. Our CSR policy is enshrined in six strategic priorities that are fully aligned with our company strategy, actions and commitments. AGTS’ goal is to demonstrate, promote and nurture exemplary social and environmental performance.
A chart illustrating the Six CSR Priorities is available to view or download using the link provided.
Responsibility is core to our culture. It defines how we work, how we behave and how we interact with our customers, our partners and our communities.
We understand that our reputation depends on our honouring our commitments, doing what is right for the long-term and always treating others with respect and integrity.
Our long-term outlook encourages and enables us to invest in relationships and defines how we manage and grow our human and physical assets. We expect all the businesses in which we are involved to conform to the highest safety standards, wherever they may be, and to act with consideration and respect to local stakeholders.
Our group is proud of the partnerships we have been involved with and established over many years. We work in collaboration with our partners always seeking to find and implement the best long-term solutions which we deliver efficiently and safely.
A copy of AGTS’ adopted Corporate Social Responsibility policy is available to view or download using the link provided.
AGTS expects all its suppliers, contract counterparties, their agents and representatives to observe and adhere to our “Code of Conduct”. The Code of Conduct is attached to and made an integral part of all agreements and contracts in which AGTS is the originating party – it is a requirement of all such contracts and agreements for counterparties to observe our Code of Conduct and to encourage their own counterparties to follow the same fundamental principles.
A copy of our Code of Conduct is available to view or download using the link provided.