Georgian Granite - Qartuli Graniti

AGTD’s company “Kartuli Graniti” owns a license for the mining and processing of 30 million cubic meters of granite. The granite quarry is located near the city of Kutaisi (Georgia), in the village of Kursebi. The site produces granite of the highest quality.
The general technical specifications of our granite are:
True density                                           2.12 g/sm3
Average density                                     2620 kg/m3
Porosity                                                 5.20 %
Water absorption                                   0.92 %
Compressive strength                             1600 kgc/sm2(160,0 MPa)
Coefficient of softening                           0.94
Coefficient of frost resistance                  0.95
Abrasion                                                0.42 g/sm2
Colour                                                   medium grey with black speckles
Our granite is available in various forms e.g. various grades of gravel, large size rocks and even larger boulders.
We are also able to provide blocks and cut slabs for contemporary design and architectural applications.