AG Terminals System - Poti Free Industrial Zone

AGTD is a logistics company dedicated to transportation and trading of a wide range of products and commodities in and out of Central Asia and the Caucasus. AGTD has been operational since 1998. AGTD also owns container and grain terminal facilities on the South-West border of Georgia with Turkey (Vale).
AGTD established a daughter company in the Poti FIZ called AG Terminals System “AGTS”.
The Poti FIZ is an ideal location for further development of AGTD. Companies and businesses benefit from special terms and conditions when they register in the FIZ, providing a wide range of favourable conditions for the production, logistics and warehousing of various goods and materials. The Poti FIZ is perfectly located on the Black Sea coast next to Poti Port (see This port access facilitates inbound and outbound transportation of goods produced and or stored in the FIZ territory. In creating AGTS, AGTD has decided to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to expand its business activities and presence in region and beyond.
AGTS plans to develop a Customs Bonded Warehouse and storage are for various types of goods: general cargoes, dry cargoes, bulk, frozen goods and more. Further developments are being planned such as: the GMTS truck on rail terminal facilities and infrastructure to provide access to the world’s most important international commodity exchanges. For the warehousing facilities and truck on rail terminal facilities AG will construct a railway link to the existing Poti FIZ railway line.
AGTD has established close business relations with Poti Free Industrial Zone and hopes this fruitful cooperation will successfully lead to the achievement of our common goals and generate benefits for both parties.
AGTS has been constructing its first warehouse building in collaboration with BEHLEN ( – a major Canadian producer of single span steel frame buildings. The project is supported by the Export Development agency of Canada (EDC), which supports and promotes the export of Canadian goods and products to various countries worldwide.
Scheduled completion of the first phase development is the year end 2015. The first BEHLEN supplied warehouse building has a floor area of 7000 square metres.