AG Transport and Development

AG Transport & Development LTD (“AGTD”) offers its customers’ efficient logistics, warehousing services and transportation of general cargo, fuels, crude oil, oil products and bulk commodities in Central Asia and the Caucasus. AGTD was founded by Mr. George Lezhava in 1998.
AGTD provides warehousing, transportation and logistics services for general cargo, fuels, crude oil, oil products, bulk commodities including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, chemical products, containerised cargo, frozen foods and water within the Central Asia basin (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan), around the Caspian Sea and through the Southern Caucasus corridor via Azerbaijan to Georgia’s Black Sea ports.
In addition to providing the full logistics cycle, AGTD has also been involved in the trading of oil products - specifically Jet Aviation Fuel (TC-1) to Afghanistan and Georgia, polyethylene to Morocco and green petroleum coke to the USA.
AGTD’s activities involve a wide variety of contractual arrangements and operations management issues including inter alia RTC lease chartering agreements of oil tankers, ferry-boats and container carrier vessels in the Caspian Sea. AGTD ensures use of key infrastructure assets alongside its main transportation routes.