Company Description

Competitive Advantages
Dedicated to meeting our Clients needs” is the key to all our solutions. Our competitive advantages are:
•       Logistics provider in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan), Caspian Sea region and through Southern Caucasus corridor (Azerbaijan-Georgia - Black Sea ports)
•       Professional relationships with respective Ministries; Rail, Port and Customs authorities; and onshore and offshore Transportation and Shipping Companies
•       E2E solutions through TRACECA (Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Central Asia)
•       Relationships with major companies such as  TOTAL Trading (ELF Trading), BP International, Vitol S.A., Litasco (LukOil)
•       Significant capacity assessment and project design experience of transportation fleet and ports
•       Trading of oil products in particular Jet Aviation Fuel (TC-1) to Afghanistan and Georgia, Polyethylene to Morocco and Green Petroleum Coke to USA
•       Largest company in the region handling the transportation of frozen products
•       IT tracking systems to control, monitor and manage the complete transportation supply chain
•       Constructing the multi-purpose terminal for grain, coal and general goods at the Georgia / Turkey border in Vale. This terminal is already operational for wheat trans-shipments
•       RTC lease chartering agreements of oil tankers, ferry-boats and container carrier vessels in the Caspian Sea, and the utilization of key infrastructure assets alongside its main transport corridors
Key Clients past and present:
•       Caspian Energy Group Inc.
•       Vitol S.A.
•       ELF Trading S.A. (Totsa Total Oil Trading S.A.)
•       Hurricane Hydrocarbons Ltd (Petrokazakhstan)
•       Mitro International Limited
•       Vilma Oil AG (Spain)
•       BP International LTD
•       TOAP Fuel Supply LTD (UK)
•       Fal Oil LTD (UK)
•       Lanturno Management S.A.
•       Oxbow Carbon & Minerals LLC (USA)
•       PROBI S.A.R.L. (Morocco)
•       ULUSOY Holding (Turkey)
•       Risoil Overseas (Switzerland)
•       LukOil
•       Maersk Line / DAMCO