There is constant change all around us. To be strong and to keep the top position in ones business, we need to be on continuous look out for the changes around us and to closely monitor prevailing market conditions and future trends.
AG Transport & Development understands this and strives to keep up with the paradigm changes happening around it. AG Transport & Development, through its Vision statement, is ready to meet the challenges around it today and those it may meet tomorrow.
The company guarantees its employees job security, stability and career growth by introducing innovation into the workplace and by keeping up to date with the latest technologies. The Vision is met through its experienced team of Managers and Employees who are determined to tackle the ever changing and increasing challenges and demands of the market.
Our Vision:
Through teamwork and innovation, we shall strive to be the transportation and logistics provider of choice through all nations along the Silk Road corridor.
Our Mission:
·      Our mission is to give our customers a competitive advantage by providing the most efficient transportation and superior logistics services.
·      We will meet and exceed our customers' expectations of service through prompt communications and quality information. “Excellent Service Always” is our mantra.
·      With service as the base, technology as the tool and teamwork as the driving force, AG Transport & Development will meet and exceed the needs of its customers.